New Me New Life

So, this year has thus far been a year of firsts. Living in New Zealand has presented a whole new world of new experiences, emotions, and excitement. Everything is basically better in New Zealand: the food tastes better (even though its basically like American food), the people are nicer, the environment is more chill (laid-back), classes aren’t so intense, I’m constantly inspired, I’m more prone to take risks and live one adventure after another, and for the first time in forever, I actually love all four of my classes. So, I’ve decided to start creating a list of some of my New Zealand firsts:

1) BUNGY JUMP (my first bungy jump was the highest bungy in New Zealand and one of the top ten in the world)

2) Zorb ride

3) was on a national reality show on TV2 in Christchurch

4) traveled to a new country all by myself and didn’t know a single person

5) went whale watching and saw a sperm whale (more photos to come)

6) traveled every weekend so far (Auckland, Matamata, Rotarua, Moeraki, Oamaru, Queenstown, Long Beach, Milford Sound, Akaroa, Christchurch, and Kaikoura)

7) Shotover jet ride in Queenstown

8) watched a geyser erupt

9) hiked one of the Great Walks in NZ (the Routeburn in Queenstown)

10) walked around the Kaikoura Peninsula (11 km~7 mi)

11) camped on the beach under a cave

12) went skinny dipping in the middle of the night

13) played Rugby

14) got chased by a sea lion

15) drove Euro-style (on the left side of the road on the right side of the car)

16) went to a bar (cheers to being legal in NZ)

17) stayed up until 2:30 am laughing hysterically with my flatmates

18) made omelets for my flat at 1 am

19) woke up super early to watch the sunrise

20) stayed in a hostel

21) willingly went to a yoga class

22) made food I’ve never made before that turned out delicious (yeah sweet chili sauce)

23) decided to take the ghost-chili pepper challenge (they haven’t arrived yet)

24) picked up a hitchhiker

25) bought a used car

26) went on spontaneous night adventures (the beach and glow worms) just because I can

27) started reading Lord of the Rings

28) watched Peter Jackson films aside from LOTR

29) did the pui (Maori tradition)

30) lived with guys

31) saw a Kiwi bird

32) went luging (it’s like gocarts without an engine)

33) went to a sheep show, saw a sheep shearing, and watched the sheep get herded


One thought on “New Me New Life

  1. Wonderful first you will never forget. This is great. Glad you are listing them here on your blog.

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